Are Your Company Meetings Effective?

Most are not…

In the United States, there are 11 million business meetings ever day resulting in $37 billion dollars spent each year.

According to the Wharton Center for Applied Research, employees spend a significant percentage of their time every week in meetings.

  • CEO – 17 hours per week
  • Senior Executives – 23 hours per week
  • Middle Managers – 11 hours per week

47% of those surveyed consider most meetings they attend to be exhausting and a waste of time.

What Are Your Meetings Like?

Games to the Rescue

Studies have shown that the use of games during meetings can effectively reset participant concentration and increase energy levels. The human mind can only absorb so much information at one time. Successful meetings are commonly segmented into blocks of approximately 20 minutes followed by group problem solving, open discussion, and/or games. Games build confidence, lift morale, spark enthusiasm, and ultimately, achieve results. Incorporating games into your meeting is an ideal way to rejuvenate employees and get them back on track and focused on the important material you’re discussing. Games allow participants to stand-up, move around, and perhaps even laugh a little.


4 Tips for Effective Game Use in Your Meetings

  1. Make your games relevant – Choose a game mechanic that effectively reinforces with the content being discussed.
  2. Consider your audience – Tailor the gameplay to make even the most timid wallflower flourish.
  3. Watch your timing – While it is important to watch the clock – do not overdo it. Allow time for 90% of participants to finish before officially ending the activity.
  4. Create movement – Keep a room full of people engaged is not easy. Choose games that require movement to rejuvenate the class and get them ready for more learning.

With 11 million business meetings occurring every day and the vast majority of attendees uninspired by the ways they are run, it’s time to rethink the way we do business. So, choose a simple game today and keep your participants energized and engaged.

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